You’ve likely heard of a bunch of reasons already on why you should try Group Training, and although there are many, there are a few super important ones that might escape you.

To us, here are the five most important reasons to incorporate group training into your workout.

(#3 & 5 are our favorites)

1. Add Intensity To Your Training

Whether you’ve been working out for a while and you’re noticing your workouts getting a bit boring or you’re just starting off and don’t really know how to push yourself properly or safely, Group Training provides an awesome substitute to everyday mundane workouts.

At Catalyst Training Gyms, we program our sessions with a purpose. Incorporating the right balance of Strength and Functional Movement to make sure your hour is efficient, but also effective. That way you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or constantly stress that  you should be doing more.

By participating in Group Training with a professional team of coaches, you have the peace of mind that your workout will be intense and realistic for your starting point in your fitness journey.

2. Add Structure and Accountability to Your Workouts

By now you most certainly know that the likelihood of you getting any results in your fitness journey, whether that is getting stronger or losing weight, is directly related to your ability to stay consistent.

Since we know that to be true, adding structure to your weekly routine through a flexible Group Training Schedule, and pairing that with the accountability that a social group will provide, dramatically increases your chances to stay consistent and get results.

3. Reduce the Decisions You Make in the Day

Now, many people are passionate about improving their health and their fitness, but very very few care as much to know the ins and outs of all things’ fitness. And we certainly don’t blame them.

Just like we want to make sure our accountant does our taxes correctly; we care far less about learning the exact formulas they used to figure it out. Quite the opposite, we don’t care enough, or better yet we don’t have luxury or the excess brain capacity to learn, since that is reserved for our work, our family, and our interests. Which is why we use an accountant happily : )

By joining a high caliber Group Training team, you delegate all the stress and daily mental troubleshooting of what you’re going to do for a workout to those that know best. Then you can just show up, have fun, get a killer workout, and move on to think about all the things that need your attention more.

4. Go to Sessions that Replace Your Training Program – Not Replace It

If the training gym does it right, there are a multitude of options for you to choose from and the right coach will map it all out for you so that you can complement your Strength days, with Restoration days or with your higher Metabolic workouts as needed. Not every workout should look or feel the same. Adding diversity to your fitness routine makes a big difference. 

Group Training allows you the benefit of jumping into the sessions you need the most, if you personally focus on one thing more than another.

For Example, many of us like to focus on Strength and know we should do a bit more cardio or work on mobility, but we hardly do because we don’t enjoy it. Jumping into a group training session that uniquely focuses on each of these is an awesome way to fill that void and make sure it gets done in the most efficient amount of time.

5. Join a Community and Make Friends with People Who are a Positive Influence on Your Lifestyle

This can’t be emphasized or stressed enough. There is something to be said about being surrounded by high energy people that want to see you win. No matter what you may be doing. The same applies to improving your health and fitness.

It is very difficult to create consistent and positive change in your health and fitness when you lack a support system or worse, if those closest to you don’t take your goals seriously. Whether they mean it or not, probably through good intentions of trying to monopolize your company, they will constantly sabotage your efforts through food, or drink, or keep you from working out until you not only fell off the wagon, but the wagon is now far from sight.

Joining a Group Training program not only allows you to socialize and network with like-minded people from your community, but also allows you to build the confidence that a group that wants you to do well will provide. Your fitness group and coaches will quickly become the rock that holds you up during most challenging times, and also the ones that celebrate and cheer the loudest when you finally achieve your success.

Group Training sessions provide a sense of community and structure that helps propel you towards achieving your fitness goals. They supplement your regular fitness routine and help provide curated workout sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals. From getting a great workout to making new friends, Group Training sessions help add a new dimension to your workout routine. Are you interested in Group Training Sessions? Check out Catalyst’s Group Training sessions today and amplify your fitness routine!