There’s more than one type of way to successfully workout, and there’s no wrong answers. Once beginners working out have learned how to design their first workout plan, the next step in the process is picking a training style that fits their needs. At Catalyst Training Gyms we bucket training styles into the following categories:


Strength sessions focus on weight training and stressing the musculoskeletal system.


Metabolic sessions consist of workouts that focus on burning a higher number of calories in a shorter period of time. Metabolic workouts include boxing, cycling, and pushing sleds.


Restoration sessions on the other hand, contain some innovative techniques like stick mobility and prehab to focus on strengthening posture while increasing mobility and flexibility.

Now that you know about the types of training styles, it’s time to weave it into your personalized workout plan that further your lifestyle fitness goals. Below you will find four considerations when choosing a training style that works for you

Plan Workouts Based on Your Goals

Workout programs or workouts in general have a goal or a purpose behind them. For example, running long distances at face value is a cardiovascular focused workout. Weightlifting 70% of your one rep max for only a few reps at a time, on the other hand, is positioned to better increase strength. There are also workouts like boxing or functional training, which may combine strength training with cardiovascular style exercises to focus on building strength and endurance at the same time. 

At Catalyst Training Gyms, we recommend designing workout programs or sessions based on your goals. If weight loss is your primary focus, there are a lot of studies that show that strength training is still a better form of exercise than steady state cardio, since it burns more calories over time.  At a minimum,  you’ll want to make sure your workouts increase your heart rate. A way to achieve increased heart rate is focusing on functional strength training or reducing rest time in between sets while weightlifting. Once you’ve chosen your training style, you should think about what else you need to achieve desired results.

Compliment Your Workout Plan with Other Training for Desired Results 

No matter the workout, one style of exercise is usually required to be paired with another to achieve results. For instance, you may enjoy doing Yoga and have a goal of losing weight. Although Yoga has a strength element, you may not do it for strength benefits or calories burned. Instead, you may enjoy it for mobility and its recovery benefits. 

Once you design your workout program based on your goals, you should pair it with another or a handful of other types of exercises to get the best results. An example would be having two strength sessions per week, one restoration session per week and going for a hike or medium intensity bike ride once a week.  This type of workout program will improve your strength, cardiovascular system and burn plenty of calories, while avoiding overtraining. People who avoid overtraining will be injury-free, healthy, energized and looking forward to their fitness routine. Those who perform the same type of workouts time and time again will experience exercise fatigue and have trouble attaining their lifestyle fitness goals. These points bring us to the next aspect of picking your training style: sustainability

Design Sustainable Workout Routines for Your Fitness Lifestyle

The main way to know if you can sustain your personalized workout routine is fitting it into your lifestyle. Many adults who start their fitness journey try workout programs they can’t fully fit into their schedules. For instance, It’s impossible to start a workout routine that requires a commitment of 5 days a week when you only have time to exercise twice per week.

There’s nothing wrong with making some reasonable sacrifices in the first weeks of your new workout program because you’re excited and eager to get started. As motivation dissipates, as it always does, however, discipline and habit must take over. That’s the point you’ll realize if your workout routine is feasible for the long haul. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you start skipping workouts and eventually end up stopping because of other responsibilities in your life. Another way of creating a sustainable workout program is finding ways to enjoy it.

Find Ways to Enjoy Your Workout for Long-Term Success

Do you enjoy your workout routine, or are you only doing it because you want to achieve a specific fitness goal? The key to accomplishing lifestyle fitness goals is consistency and adherence. Doing a little exercise over a long period of time will yield more results than inconsistently performing more intensive workouts. Considering how much time you’ll need to invest to reach these goals, we believe you should find enjoyment in some aspect of the process. Or, at a minimum, choose a workout plan that you hate the least 😉.

Discover Your Training Style at Catalyst Training Gyms

At Catalyst Training Gyms these four focus points are what we’ve entirely built our business model off of. Recognizing that members should be able to go into a session with a specific purpose, we’ve broken down our sessions into Strength, Metabolic and Restoration while making sure to provide a variety of types of training within each category. 

Our 30-day Personal Training Experience will allow you to try every aspect of our gym to help you find training styles you may enjoy (or hate the least) and help you create your own personalized workout plan to join the gym. We find the variety of sessions in combination with different training styles help our members keep consistency in training while trying new things and staying healthy. We’ll take out the guesswork and allow our members to enjoy the process and achieve awesome results!