With our Training Memberships, You Select the Desired Level of Coaching

Private Training

a one-on-one appointment.

30 Day PT Experience

Small Group Training

(up to a group of 4)

30-Day Personal Training Experience

Team Training

(Group Conditioning Sessions, 15+)

All Training Memberships include guidance and motivation from certified and motivating Catalyst Personal Training coaches as well as access to our training member closed community group!

Catalyst Training Memberships deliver unmatched, science backed, verified results! All sessions utilize MyZone Fitness Tracking technology helping to ensure safe and optimum results by measuring, displaying, and documenting your Heart Rate, Metabolic Rate, Calorie burn and more! Quickly transform your body, your fitness level, and your life through personal training or group training sessions focused on improving your total fitness well-being, at a frequency that fits your busy schedule and in the exercise style you enjoy most!

All training memberships also include complete access to all Catalyst facilities!


Catalyst Kickstart

In just a few short steps, during your Catalyst Kick-Start appointment, you, and our fitness assessor, together will create a clear plan for how to realistically achieve your fitness goals – Safely, measurably, and predictably while enjoying the process!

In just 50 minutes or less, our Kick-Start Assessment provides you with a concise understanding of your current fitness levels. Gain a clear game-plan for how to achieve your goals—safely, measurably, and predictably while actually enjoying the journey!



One-on one sessions with Personal Trainer focused only on you!

Private Personal Training provides the ultimate personal attention for monitoring, motivating, and progressing. Working with a dedicated high-energy Catalyst Trainer, you’ll be guided through a science-backed, 50-minute workout that evolves according to your goals and improving fitness. Private-Training sessions conclude with partner assisted stretching to correcting muscular imbalances and help reduce or eliminate delayed muscle soreness.

Training Frequency Choice

You can choose to receive by-your-side Personal Trainer support at every workout — or on a weekly basis — according to your preference, needs, budget and time restraints. Private Training Memberships are available in plans that provide multiple training sessions per month.

Additional Value:
  • Annual Membership Contract includes a FREE General Facility Access Membership!
  • All private training plans include access to our Small Group and Catalyst Team Training sessions — both a great supplement to your personalized plan!



A Personal Experience with Shared Benefits

Small Group Training delivers many of the same benefits found in Private Training, with a workout still personalized to your specific fitness level. However, Small Group gives you the benefit of sharing the cost of a trainer (and sharing feelings of accomplishment) with up to three others!

Efficient and Effective

Small Group training sessions are 50-minutes long and include soft tissue and mobility work, corrective exercises, strength training and muscle toning. The sessions also include functional interval training to help you burn calories and fat.

Have others that would like to join you? Small Group Training can be structured so you can work-out with friends. Or we can place you in a group with similar conditioning levels and goals to ensure getting in the best shape of your life at Catalyst is always positive and enjoyable!

Small Group Training Memberships are available in plans that provide multiple training sessions per month.

Additional Value:
  • Annual Membership Contract includes a FREE General Facility Access Membership!
  • All plans include unlimited access to our Catalyst Team Training sessions — a great supplement to your personalized plan!



A Team-Spirtited approach to Fitness

Catalyst Team Training (CTT) offers unlimited group training sessions lead by motivating Personal Trainers. Join the team in fun, high energy workouts that use TRX resistance trainers, Kettlebells, ropes, and body weight exercises, and more. Team Training Sessions are categorized into four main groups.

Strength, Metabolic, Restoration and Boxing.

These 50-minute-long sessions take the guess work out of what your workout should look like while you burn calories, improve strength , enhance cardiovascular conditioning and more. An effective and fun alternative to mundane cardio deck workouts!

Look to our CTT schedule to also see specific group sessions catered towards beginners named Foundations!

Additional Value:
  • Annual Membership Contract includes a FREE General Facility Access Membership!



  • I joined Catalyst a few months ago and it’s a 10/10. Very clean, super friendly staff, knowledgable trainers, great atmosphere and good hours. Big fan of the small group classes, definitely worth the money. Join it, do it.

    Paulina Krynska Avatar Paulina Krynska
    March 17, 2022

    What a place! The staff I've come in contact with have been knowledgeable and friendly! Lisa is the "Boss Lady" ask for her when you go! 👀🔥

    Blairtanza Avatar Blairtanza
    February 28, 2022

    Great gym, great equipment, everything you need and more - staff is friendly and the gym is clean. I get fantastic workouts here. Thanks Catalyst!

    The Fine Line Avatar The Fine Line
    January 19, 2022
  • Great gym. Has everything I need. Lots of room.

    Dee Dee Avatar Dee Dee
    June 28, 2021

    clean, friendly staff, and nice/new equipment. Would recommend to friends/family. Keep up the great work!

    Francis McNulty Avatar Francis McNulty
    June 9, 2021

    Catalyst has a variety of equipment and is a great place to workout!

    Daniel Ready Avatar Daniel Ready
    November 11, 2020
  • Great facility! Even better staff.! Kelley is amazing

    Hair Attraction Avatar Hair Attraction
    October 5, 2020

    Catalyst staff are friendly and stay on top of keeping the gym clean and sanitized. Bathrooms are clean and the gym maintains a nice flow of air from a mixture of industrial fans and air conditioning. I also like they take everyone's temperature as soon as you enter the gym which adds to a feeling of safety; they sell delicious smoothies that are prepared in front of you; and if you're quirky like me and ask for spinach in your smoothie, they've got you covered. Has been a good experience since utilizing and even more so because I'd been hesitant to return to a gym under the current pandemic. Kudos to Catalyst

    Eli Warren Avatar Eli Warren
    August 11, 2020

    Signed up for 2 months of personal training at Catalyst. The trainers I had were amazing, they really knew what they were doing and focused on the issues that I had. The layout is open and the equipment is user friendly. There were some hick-ups with scheduling sessions but you can't blame the employees for that; that's more of an upper management issue. The membership coordinator that I spoke with to sign up for the gym was great and knew what programs I should do to optimize my exercise routine. All in all a good place to go for personal training or to casually workout.

    Thomas Conte Avatar Thomas Conte
    July 15, 2020
  • Really enjoy the CTT classes. The trainers are great.

    Loni Gilbert Avatar Loni Gilbert
    March 15, 2020

    This gym is like no other. It’s clean well kept and the energy from the moment you walk in is welcoming and friendly. If you want a gym that will hold you accountable and treat you like a person come here it will be life changing! Best gym I have ever been to.

    Erin Butkovic Avatar Erin Butkovic
    March 10, 2020

    I just joined this morning in the Southbury location and can already tell I'm going to love it. I've joined a lot of gyms in the past and this is definitely the best facility I've been to. Everything is so clean and it's much bigger than I thought it was. Even though it's big, the layout makes it feel private so you don't feel awkward as you workout. It doesn't feel crowded like Edge or Planet Fitness and no waiting for machines. Definitely worth the $39 a month.

    Diana Brown Avatar Diana Brown
    January 23, 2020
  • This place is great! As someone tried other gyms; this gym is first one I been able go almost everyday and not want to go. Also member there very friendly and helpful. Also with renovation is made it better in terms of space was increased and new equipment was added. The gym does offer now some additional training memberships from large group classes to individual training. Although I don't find that necessary for myself as that I have enough options with the basic memberships options.

    Bernard Kokinchak Avatar Bernard Kokinchak
    December 29, 2019

    Love this place. Staff is so helpful . Place is clean . And the people are great. Best gym I have ever been a member of

    Arthur boivin Avatar Arthur boivin
    December 10, 2018

I'm stronger, my arms are stronger and my back hasn't hurt at all because. I know. howto protect it now!

Ilona Hersel

I started out with my trainer with 1 lb weights and I thought they were heavy. I was afraid to get down on the floor then get up, now I can get up off the floor and I can squat now. No problem!

Jackie Pasqualucci

I hadn't worked out in a year. I was frustrated. I really felt I wasn't going. to lose weight and I'm just stuck. I lost 18 pounds during the challenge. It's been 3 weeks since and I've lost another 5. I was a size 14 and now I'm an 8!

Heather Grougoulis


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