Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

What is it?
A Fitness Challenge Specially Designed to Help You Drop 2 Sizes in Just Weeks!

Are you looking to start the new year off right by dropping some pounds and having fun along the way? Then you should join our Drop 2 Sizes challenge! Our six-week challenge is designed to help you lose weight sustainably with fun sessions, customized nutrition plans and more!


Anyone Looking to Lose Weight and Feel Great.

The challenge is designed to help trainees of all skill levels Drop 2 Sizes over the course of six weeks. No matter your experience or schedule, if you’re looking to lose weight this challenge is for you! 


Specialized Training Sessions, Nutritional Guidance + More.

You’ll get access to a number of training sessions specifically designed to help you lose weight. You’ll also get access to personalized nutrition plans and weekly accountability sessions to help you reach your goals. 


Six Weeks of Fun and Effective Sessions.

Before you begin, you will get a free Catalyst Kick-Start Fitness Assessment to help you and Catalyst get on the same page for your current abilities and goals. From there you’ll start your weekly sessions, meet your coaches, get your nutritional guidelines and start your six week journey! 


Sign Up for the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

We’ll reach out to you personally to get you into the challenge and let you know what to expect!. When you’re ready, you’ll meet one of our Fitness Assessors in person and we’ll get you ready to take the challenge.

Catalyst Kick-Start Orientation

Your very first appointment will consist of a brief, non-sweat orientation where you and your Fitness Assessor will take a few moments to evaluate your past experiences, limitations, as well as identifying any possible future obstacles. By doing so, we’ll be able to set a clear baseline of where you are today in relationship to your end goal so we may build a workout program that’s right for your lifestyle! In addition, we’ll introduce you to our Personal Training Team so you can put faces to names before your first session!

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

During the FMS, we take you through a quick, functional movement screen to get a better understanding of your movement patterns that tend to be impacted by your lifestyle. The results will allow us to design the right workout program to keep you training with a purpose to reach your specific goals while keeping you safe.

Fit-3D Body Scan

The Fit-3D body scan allows you to see in detail your current body composition (measurements, body fat %), overall health rating for your current age, and a full posture and balance analysis which assists us with injury prevention as you progress through your workouts. The details of the scan assist us in injury prevention and all of this information is saved to a cloud based profile that we have access to to track your progress through your transformation!

Custom Designed Workout Plan

Once we understand your goals and how to keep you safe, your fitness assessor will help you select the right type of method and workout schedule based on your goals, comfort level, and lifestyle.

Nutritional Guidelines

Receive helpful tips and guidelines on how to better structure your nutritional plan in a realistic and sustainable fashion, making your time outside of the gym, just as productive as your workouts!

Facility Access

While taking the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge, you’ll never have to think about your own workout because you’ll have an entire team to assist you. You will have complete access to use the gym and our equipment at your leisure!

Like minded community support

Join a community of likeminded people who share your goals! At Catalyst, we motivate and support each other while providing helpful tools and tips created by our training team. You will also have access to our online communities to discuss your fitness journey both inside and outside of the gym.

Take the Challenge!