Unlike many gyms that are only geared towards the already fit, we have designed our facility and our services with the beginner in mind.


We understand that walking into a fitness facility can be intimidating and that you may feel that you don’t belong, or are out of place.

At Catalyst Training Gyms we offer a different type of fitness experience. One that understands not everyone is already fit and that walking into a gym for the first time is a challenge and one that requires courage. Because of that we have designed our facility and services with the beginner in mind.

In our 90-Day Beginner Fitness Experience, we will take our time to get to know you and build a program that is not only focused on your goals, but one that considers where you are today. Considering all physical, emotional and lifestyle restrictions.

We will progress you along at the pace you are comfortable with while inspiring you to reach limits you didn’t think were possible.

In each workout you will be accompanied by one of our awesome training team coaches, that not only will provide you with a well balanced, full body workout, that is modified to your specific needs, but more importantly they are there to support and motivate you while making sure you have fun in the process.

At Catalyst Training Gyms, we believe that fitness isn’t about a certain dress size or body type, rather about being the best version of “you” possible. Our goal is to help you achieve yours in a manner that is conducive to your lifestyle and allows you to do so with a smile.



Tons of programs offer you the world and with little to no effort.

This is not one of those. You will be challenged, but you will have all the support from our knowledgeable team of coaches you need to succeed. And when you do, we’ll be there to celebrate with you!

90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership
90 Day Beginner Membership


The Fitness Assessor will create a custom program around your schedule, goals, wants and needs consisting of Team Training Sessions, Small Group Training Sessions and even Private training sessions but the method in which you choose to get in shape isn’t important. That you feel safe, encouraged and have fun while you do so is, and that’s where Catalyst thrives.

More specifically, here is what you get with the 90-Day Beginner Fitness Membership

• Small Group Training Session Access – Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions or Small Group Training, consist of a training group of up to 4 participants (max) in a designated training area that are led through a workout with a Personal Trainer. These workouts are full body, posture and core promoting strength training workouts that are designed to burn a high amount of calories in minimal amount of time! Making your time in the gym more efficient! Again, in these group sessions you’ll be paired with up to 3 other people max (total of 4) that have similar conditioning level however the workout will be adjusted to your specific movement pattern needs keeping you safe! This allows you to get a great workout, make friends and also gain another level of social accountability with the group!

• Team Training Conditioning Session Access – Team Training Sessions vary in their intensity and style, some consisting of full body strength training workouts while others consist of cycling, boxing and pushing sleds. Or even all the above! These are awesome metabolic alternatives to your mundane cardio needs when you’re not scheduled for a private or small group training session!

• Catalyst Kick-Start Orientation – Your very first appointment will consist of a brief, non-sweat orientation where you and your Fitness Assessor will take a few moments to evaluate your past experiences, limitations, as well as identifying any possible future obstacles. By doing so, we’ll be able to set a clear baseline of where you are today in relationship to your end goal so we may build a workout program that’s right for your lifestyle! In addition we’ll introduce you to our Personal Training Team so you can put faces to names before your first session!

• Functional Movement Screen (FMS) – During the FMS, we take you through a quick, functional movement screen to help us and you better understand your movement patterns which tend to be impacted by our lifestyle. Doing so allows us to design the right workout program that will keep you training with a purpose towards your specific goals but most of all keep you safe while you do!

• Fit 3D Body Scan – The Fit 3D body scan is an optional body composition scan, that allows you to see in detail your current body composition (measurements, body fat etc.) and overall health body shape rating for your current age. After the scan, you’ll receive a full posture and balance analysis which assists us with injury prevention as you progress through your workouts. Best yet, our Fit 3D body scan allows you to save all this information on a private, cloud-based profile that you have access to for future comparison as you progress through your transformation! We’ll track this every 30 days but again, is completely optional based on your comfort level.

• Nutritional Coaching – Receive helpful tips and guidelines on how to better structure your nutritional plan in a realistic and sustainable fashion, making your time outside of the gym, just as productive as your workouts!

• Accountability Check-ins – You’ll receive access to our team of coaches daily through our messaging app in case you have any questions outside of the gym, but in addition, if you choose you could also have two scheduled weekly accountability virtual or in person meetings to make sure you achieved your weekly goal!

• Like Minded Community Support – Join a closed community filled with other members with similar goals. Here we motivate and support each other while our training team gives you as many helpful tools and tips as they can throughout the week!

• Unlimited Facility Access – Although with our 90-Day Beginner Fitness Experience, you’ll never have to think about your own workout because you’ll have an entire team to assist you every time, however if you ever want to get your own workout in uninterrupted, you’ll have complete access to use any Catalyst facility and our equipment at your leisure!


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 Real Catalyst Members. Real Life Enhancing Results!

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