What is it?

28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge

How you get in shape isn’t important. That
you enjoy yourself while you do is.


Made with the
Beginner in Mind.

Made for anyone looking to jump start their fitness results in a safe, fun and energizing way!


Customized Training Program

The 28-Day Summer Slim down challenge gets you complete access to all of our large group and Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions, along with nutritional seminars and weekly weigh-in meetings.


Sign up and wait by the phone for an appointment!

Once you join, wait by your phone for a text or call from one of our expert coaches to talk to you about your goals and to schedule you with your very first complimentary appointment to create your workout program so you can begin feeling amazing, experiencing all the results and benefits that come from it.


Purchase your 28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge

We’ll reach out to you personally to schedule a one-on-one appointment with our Fitness Assessor in person or through zoom, where we’ll take the time to get to know you, your goals, limitations and time restraints so we can create a program catered specifically to you.


I’m stronger, my arms are stronger and my back hasn’t hurt at all because. I know. how to protect it now!

— Ilona Hersel

I started out with my trainer with 1 lb weights and I thought they were heavy. I was afraid to get down on the floor then get up, now I can get up off the floor and I can squat now. No problem!

— Jackie Pasqualucci

I hadn’t worked out in a year. I was frustrated. I really felt I wasn’t going. to lose weight and I’m just stuck. I lost 18 pounds during the challenge. It’s been 3 weeks since and I’ve lost another 5. I was a size 14 and now I’m an 8!

— Heather Grougoulis


Catalyst Kick-Start Orientation

Your very first appointment will consist of a brief, non-sweat orientation where you and your Fitness Assessor will take a few moments to evaluate your past experiences, limitations, as well as identifying any possible future obstacles. By doing so, we’ll be able to set a clear baseline of where you are today in relationship to your end goal so we may build a workout program that’s right for your lifestyle! In addition we’ll introduce you to our Personal Training Team so you can put faces to names before your first session!

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

During the FMS, we take you through a quick, functional movement screen to help us and you better understand your movement patterns which tend to be impacted by our lifestyle. Doing so allows us to design the right workout program that will keep you training with a purpose towards your specific goals but most of all keep you safe while you do!

Fit-3D Body Scan

The Fit-3D body scan allows you to see in detail your current body composition (measurements, body fat etc) and overall health body shape rating for your current age, in addition you’ll receive a full posture and balance analysis which assists us with injury prevention as you progress through your workouts. Best yet, our Fit3D body scan allows you to save all this information on a cloud-based profile that you have access to for future comparison as you progress through your transformation!

Custom Designed Workout Plan

Once we understand how to keep you safe, and concretely what your goal entail, now your fitness assessor will help you select the right type of workout schedule and type of workout method based around your goals and most importantly your comfort and lifestyle!

Nutritional Guidelines

Receive helpful tips and guidelines on how to better structure your nutritional plan in a realistic and sustainable fashion, making your time outside of the gym, just as productive as your workouts!

Unlimited Facility Access

Although with our 30-Day PT experience, you’ll never have to think about your own workout because you’ll have an entire team to assist you every time, however if you ever want to get your own workout in uninterrupted, you’ll have complete access to use the gym and our equipment at your leisure!

Like minded community support

Join a closed community filled with other members with similar goals. Here we motivate and support each other while our training team gives you as many helpful tools and tips as they can through out the week!

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Every week you and the other participants will meet with your coaches for a weekly weigh in or to simply touch base about the progress you’re making and how we can help. The added accountability of facing a coach weekly about the results of the week will help keep you focused and motivated!


Need to speak to someone first? Ask away!


28 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge